This shoe’s performance speaks for itself with climber Alex Megos climbing 9b+ in them! I’ve laid out my thoughts on them below.


Soft, yet supportive. I love these shoes but they are definitely for those climbers wanting a ‘try hard’ soft shoe. The kind you can feel the small holds and what's going on underneath your toes in. The toe box is concave, giving a slight down turn that allows you to really put power through small edges. Ideal for those steeper problems where another couple of hands would be more useful than feet. I really trust these shoes to stay where I put them, even on rock like slate where you can encounter unsecure dimply ripples.


They are relatively comfortable for a performance shoe. You get an out of the box level of comfort normally reserved for more basic shoes. I wear them a half size down from my normal street shoe size for an acceptable fit (I’m really not a fan of super tight shoes). It is also worth noting I have a broader foot so lower volume feet could go smaller and, when being tried on in store, often do. I can get about an hour’s bouldering out of them before a rest is needed. I wouldn’t belay in them but, as they are velcro, taking them on and off isn’t much of a chore. The comfort I put down to the supple upper, allowing my bony foot bits to mold into the shoe. They’ve made me a bit soft to be honest. If I try other shoes like Scarpa Instincts or La Sportiva Solutions they just feel harsh and unforgiving for no noticeable gain. 


With heel hooking, my shoes are a touch too soft for anything serious in the size I went for. They can move a little if I really have to pull on them but to be honest they aren’t coming off and I rarely need to yard on my heel that much so not a problem for me. If I did go down another half size the heel cup would be a better fit but for the amount of real heel hooking I do it would never be worth it.


The Iati has a Vibram XS Grip sole. A soft and sticky compound, I rarely slip; and it seems to be holding up to quite a bit of climbing.. but then my technique isn’t the worst I’ve ever seen.


A single tab velcro closure with two straps and buckles for plenty of adjustment allow the shoe to fit a variety of foot shapes but once you’ve found your preferred setting no more fiddling is necessary. They can be a little annoying at first and the buckles don’t run very smoothy but again you don’t touch them once you’ve found your strap length. I do have to pull the top most upper strap first, this pulls any slack from the strap running closest to the foot, it’s a little like pulling a seat belt tight.


In short, I’ve never tried a shoe as comfy and capable at the same time.


- Bertie