The Organic Boulder buckets are well suited to harnessing the untapped power of Friction Labs chalk, being at the top of the price tree and very desirable.


The bag is made from recycled offcuts from the manufacturing of the bouldering mats so ticks the eco green box nicely. This also means each bag is pretty much unique in patterning and colour combination.


It is a very sturdy bag that sits well on the ground and doesn’t blow over in a light breeze. It features grab handles, a generous zip compartment for skin care items and several brush holders as we all know that one meagre brush will not suffice when having to remove the excessive build-up of chalk, dead skin, grime and nastiness from the grips.


The solid velcro strip closure is ideal as I’ve always found drawcord closures fail either from snapping or de-threading and blocking in the eyelets making it impossible to close the bags properly.


The other obvious bonus of having a garishly vibrant and unique oversized bucket, is that it won’t get lost at the wall in the sea of generic Moon Boulder chalk bags* or DMM Edge buckets of the great unwashed.


*Check out Jack’s review of the Moon Boulder bag here..


- Rich