Having used Climb On for years and found it very effective, I’ve found that ClimbSkin Cream complements rather than replaces it. Climb On works well as a deep moisturiser that takes some time to properly soak in, so it is best as an overnight application. The Climb Skin however, has a percentage of alcohol which helps to accelerate it’s drying time. It can be used during the day and a couple of hours pre climb where it will hydrate the skin and dry enough to not be a greasy hindrance when pulling hard on the rock.


I’ve used it on several climbing trips as an after the morning shower application, making my skin hydrated and supple (a bit more elastic and leathery) which means it is less prone to splitting or tearing on sharp edges.


I suffer from split nail beds fairly often where my nails separate from the fingertips and it is really quite painful to crimp down on anything. Climb Skin doesn’t work very well for this due to the alcohol content drying out the area under the nail a bit but is great on the fingertips.


Being a cream rather than a wax bar it does mean that it is easy to burn through a tub quite fast, so try to control your use a little and use something else as an overnight deep moisturiser such as Climb On, Kletter Retter or Rhino Repair (other excellent moisturisers are also available!).


- Rich