The Snap Wham and the hinged Guts are definitely on the premium end of the market and bring something new to the table with their versatile landing.


These pads feature a matrix of foam blocks inside compartments that velcro together to create a stable structure. The Wham feels quite soft to walk on as it doesn’t have outer layers of closed cell foam (as featured on most pads) but crucially it succeeds in providing a solid landing when you fall on it from a height, so you won’t bottom out! This magic is made possible due to each block having a small hole in it that limits how fast air can escape out of the foam when landed upon from height.


I’ve had a P'tit Wrap for 4 years and found it gave a great landing for a long time. The soft landing from low down was nice when pinging off sit starts in Parisella’s Cave so you don’t knock the wind out of yourself. It also gave a confidence inspiring solid landing from many higher falls in Font and Albarracin and sketchy ones at Porth Ysgo and Talfarach. It’s now a bit tired from heavy use and the outer material has worn a little but it had a good innings. The larger Snap Wrap pad definitely lasts a little longer with it’s thicker landing and the addition of a waist belt is great as it helps to keep your back healthy on longer walk-ins especially with kit stuffed inside it.


We have recently been testing out the latest incarnation of the Wrap, now called the Wham, which features very high quality foam, totally bomb proof materials (including a waterproof base) and solid closure straps. Snap have beefed up the outer materials and it’s hard to imagine it ever showing signs of wear.


The Wham also features a pouch at the end to tuck away the shoulder straps, which helps avoid snagging when being transported in the car and also takes away the hazard of landing on the mat and tripping over them. I always take the waist belt off when trying anything high or sketchy for the same reason.. just make sure not to leave it at the crag when rushing away from the inevitable rain or lack of daylight in winter! There is now also a stowable carpet to keep your shoes clean which is far better than the old strip of carpet on the top of the Wrap. A small quality of life change.


In summary, the Wham takes all of the clever features of the Wrap models and builds upon them, giving an amazingly tough pad that will last a very long time which helps to justify its top dollar price point. If money is no object, I’d say it is probably worth the extra over the Moon Saturn & Ocun Dominator pads but if on a budget, you could buy a regular size pad with a smaller backup to hook over it as well as a pair of shoes and boulder bucket for the same outlay.If storage at home or in a vehicle is an issue, I’d go for the Guts as this can be stored folded in half without affecting the lifespan of the foam. Overall a great pad at the top end of the market with an eye watering price to match. Not for everyone.


- Rich