If you’re in the market for a new day-to-day pack that is functional, simple, durable and won’t break the bank, then you might not need to hear much about the Snap backpack.


Snap say:


“This is a new ‘street’ style model, but with all the necessary functions to also please climbers. It is composed of a large pouch for all stuff, a second padded compartment for a lap-top, and an exterior daisy chain to hang climbing shoes on. The opening is a zip on the lap-top pouch.


It is made in 600 denier, 100% recycled polyester coated in recycled TPU, which renders it both anti-slip and washable.


The back and straps are in 900 denier, 100% recycled polyester, and it has a solid, eco sound metal (not plastic!) buckle.


So why would you want this pack?


Some of my reasons for parting with my own cash for this pack are thus:


Vanity. I like the way it looks.


Simplicity. This pack isn’t a complicated, over the top design to carry everything I need. It’s a small, robust pack that should take a bit of battering with everyday use and has enough useful compartments for a wallet, coins, snacks, a laptop, the charger etc. I generally use this as a work day pack to carry said laptop and charger, a notepad, pens, my lunch, snacks, drinks bottle and the ever important waterproofs that will probably be needed at some point. I can keep everything neat and organised. It’s also useful for overnight work trips as I can fit my rock shoes and chalk bag and if I’m lucky some spare clothes..


I needed a new pack (or did I just like it that much that I convinced myself I needed it?). Joking aside, I wanted a bag that would also keep my stuff dry. I do live in Llanberis which, despite it’s great climbing, beautiful mountains and scenery, does see its fair share of rain. Although not a waterproof pack (no taped seams) the durable outer keeps the worst of it off when darting from van to dorway.


I just really like it. Having used the pack for a few months, I am a big fan but I should probably highlight a few things that bug me occasionally. Firstly, the storm flaps which I think are a great idea snag very readily. This could also be due to the shape of the pack or the size of the lip but I’m sure this could be made to work easier by moving the zip, making the bag a little less boxy or extending the storm flap.


Secondly, the little pocket for keeping your wallet, cash, passport or whatever you want to access from a discrete location. I thought I would love this feature, but it turns out I really don’t. Maybe it’s because my mobility is a little crappy most of the time, but I really struggle to access it, and when the pack is full, I really can’t access anything in the little pocket at all. (See picture of possible design floor). For now I’ll work on shoulder flexibility!


Other than these two points, I really do love the pack and will continue to use it everyday until it’s broken, lost or something arguably better for the job lands on my desk.


- Jack