A classic and timeless piece of apparel, the Prana Mojo short has been my go-to climbing short for over 10 years. They are made from 100% recycled polyester and are both super lightweight and fast drying. The mesh lined pockets are nice and simple and add extra breathability. The elastic waistband is very comfortable and hasn’t lost the ability to hold them up in all those years of heavy use and weight boomeranging. The small back pocket is useful for keys and cards when out and about the town shopping for more pastries and other such buttery delights. They have a fake crotch that makes them look like proper shorts but you do need to pull down the elastic waist if in need of relief unless you have been blessed by nature!


The sizing is a bit subjective as I’m a 31” waist and own both medium and large Mojos and find them both fine to wear and climb in. I guess the large pair do tend to slide down a little when carrying wallets and phones in the pockets but they are nice and non-restrictive for climbing use.


I really can't fault the Mojo for climbing in as I’m blessed with a decent amount of flexibility and the shorts have never been the limiting factor in performing a contorted splits or high foot manoeuvre. Due to the simple elastic waistband they also work perfectly under a harness with nothing to snag on or bunch up. I’ve worn them for yoga and down at the gym as well in the summer months and I’ve yet to find another short that comes close to their simple and effective performance whilst remaining super durable.


I’d say the only thing they fall down on a bit is the styling. They are great for activities but not quite smart enough for going down to the pub or one of North Wales’ many wine bars. I’ve got some wonderful La Sportiva Finale shorts that cross in to smart casual but they are over twice the price of the reliable Prana Mojo and from a fair bit of climbing use are showing their age by comparison.


Well priced, comfortable, durable and great for climbing, the Mojo is still the king of climbing shorts.


- Rich