I am the proud owner of a rainbow collection of climbing trousers, and the Ocun Noya are my absolute favourites. Ocun have nailed it with the design of these pants. I invested in a yellow pair at the beginning of the summer and I've barely taken them off long enough to put them in the wash.


The fast drying breathable fabric is a real plus for these trousers, they can be soaked in a rain storm then bone dry again within a few hours. This also means that they don't end up stinking if you wear them for ten days consecutively without giving them a wash (Tried and tested. They will appear more of a dull tan than a bright yellow, but they wont smell too bad). Four-way stretch material and shape stability means they stay comfy for a long day in the mountains or at the crag.


Another feature I really love about the Noya pant is the roll-over waistband. Strong elastic fabric means there is no need for a belt or drawstring, making them much more comfortable to wear under a harness, or whilst eating christmas dinner. However, the downside to this is that if you are on the smaller side (i.e. don't have enough of an ass to hold them up) then they have a tendency to creep down when you load up the pockets with your phone and keys.


The Noya pants are Ocun's warm weather climbing trousers. They are not designed for Welsh winter, so don't expect them to keep you toasty whilst stood belaying in the drizzle. They are however surprisingly windproof, so perfectly reasonable for walking on a crisp, blustery day.


In terms of sizing, XS seems to fit between a UK 8 and UK 10 and the S are more of a uk 10 to uk 12, depending on how tight you want them. The stretch fabric means they are also a good fit on a lot of different body types.


- Cat