The Ocun Bamboo Gear tee is a wonderfully soft and stretchy t-shirt ideal for active and casual wear. I've worn it for many holidays, at work and out climbing and it performs a lot better than any of my cotton tees. As well as being a soft blend of bamboo viscose, rayon and elastane it has flat seamless stitching making it nice and comfortable to move in and great for when carrying a pack as there are no stitched seams to scratch or dig in.


The fit is on the snug side of tight, so I'd advise going up a size from your regular tee size unless you are into the whole try hard look, for which it is very effective. Just make sure to do regular press-ups in between problems at the wall or before leaving the house to keep well inflated at all times. The torso is longer than most casual fit tees, as I'm not exactly short of body and it almost stretches down enough to make an acceptable dress for a ladies' night out in Newcastle! The upside is that you’ll never get a cold lower back or belly when waving your arms around or stretching for that elusively out of reach next hold.


The colour options for the tee are fabulously Euro. It comes in a vibrant Spring Green or Vivid Blue and not for the faint of heart or traditional Brit looking for something to blend in to their black trousers and beige shoes. If you require less loud then there is always the classic range of DMM tees?!


In terms of performance, the tee feels different to a regular cotton tee. In highly active situations such as carrying a pack up a hill or running, it almost feels like it has a cooling effect whilst still keeping you at a comfortable temperature. My back does get mingingly wet when doing the aforementioned but the tee seems to dry faster than a regular cotton tee if taken off and left in the sun for a few minutes.


I’d certainly say that the Bamboo Gear tee is worth the extra few quid over what now seems to be the standard price of £25 for a tee these days as it is lovely against the skin, comfortable, stretchy and crucially performs well for more active wear without needing to wear a horrid scratchy tech tee.


- Rich