If you’ve climbed on a gusty day you may have lost some chalk to the Lord of Gwynt*, I certainly have! No more, the Moon Trad chalk bags can be closed with one hand and just as easily opened again.


A simple, stretchy, sprung flap snaps over the aperture to seal the bag so when it’s strapped to your back you can either pull it closed or open it again, all very easily. I also found once using this chalk bag I didn’t bother with my bouldering bucket anymore. It's so easy to open and close I just chalk up, snap the flap and chuck it to the mat.

The brim is stiff and the aperture wide for the largest of mitts, they come with a belt and in a bunch of different colours. You can only go so wrong with chalk bag design but these are one of the better ones!


- Bertie


*Note from the editor: Gwynt is Welsh for wind.. Lord of Gwynt? Yeah, I don’t know either.