Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for… an approach shoe that does not conform to gender roles. Gucci have been making unisex rainbow trainers with removable crystals for years, it was about time Five Ten cottoned on.


Do not be fooled by the Five Tennie. Do not be enticed by the funky blue suede and pink laces. They are still Five Tens, you will still be humiliated by a bit of slippy grass. I bought my pair to replace my old Converse rather than as approach shoes because, rest assured, these are not approach shoes. Unless your approach is walking into work from your car. I like to think that they are ‘commute shoes’: practical for short walks and have good non-slip properties on freshly cleaned floors. In fact, one of my favourite features of the Five Tennies is the stealth rubber, it makes you sound like ‘Le frog’ from Flushed Away when you walk on shiny surfaces after being in the rain.


Mockery aside, these shoes do have some great features. I've worn them just about every day for 8 months and they still look damn fresh. They’ve been on hill walks, impromptu runs, muddy mountain bike rides, and most impressively, they’ve done 11 hour shifts in a busy cafe bar without any complaints. They’re tough. They’ve been stained with ketchup and ingrained with dirt, but it only takes a trip to the washing machine and they will once again be looking fresh*. 

Five Tennies aren’t as cushioned as Five Ten Freeriders and don't compare as a mountain biking shoe, however they do have similar durability and a lot less bulk making them a great everyday wear.


Five Tennies are the hybrid bike of the shoe world. You can think of them as being quite good at doing a lot of things, or a little bit crap at doing everything. I for one love my Five Tennies and recommend them as semi-practical knocking around footwear that silently says “I dabble in the outdoors don't you know?” when worn with normal people clothes. 


* Please don't blame me if your washing machine trashes them. I take no responsibility for domestic incompetence.