The DMM Zenith is a great little 18L fast and light pack that I've used as an everyday commuting to work bag, for short walks, scrambles, multi-pitch climbs, bike rides and bouldering.


The bag has a large zippered lid that opens wide and allows fast access to the contents of the bag. Although it is billed as a multipitch bag, my favoured use has been as a compact bag to wear on the front with a bouldering mat on the back, that helps to pin the pack in place on the front. It's small enough to see where you are walking when navigating rocky terrain or deadly moss bridges in Magic Wood and the wide opening allows me to rest a guide book on top when inspecting areas and problems and to eat on the go like a pig at a trough.


It's great when out scrambling or for long easy climbs as the tapered bottom allows good freedom of movement for your arms and access to gear and dipping in the chalk bag when sweating with fear at the next run out traverse section. It also features a small valuables zip compartment that I use to keep sandpaper, nail clippers, tape and skin repair, as well as a wallet and phone. The chest and waist straps also help to keep the pack stable when performing some rock acrobatics or thrutching up a chossy dank corner.


Other external features such as the daisy chains, grab handles and helmet attachment points, make it a great pack for when organising yourselves at a belay stance or ledge.


I always use the little odd diagonal external zip pocket to keep smidge in as well as a small sunblock and lip balm as they are easy to forget when in a rush to make the most of the next marginal weather window! The Zenith also features a hydration system sleeve and hose hole, which I've only used on very rare bike outings due the heavy involvement of legs and lungs (most boulderers idea of hell).


In summary, I'd say the Zenith is a great little pack for short outings and quite versatile in what it can be used for. The fabric is tough and has shown little wear after heavy use. I have managed to break the chest strap buckle in a car door but it is fixable and this would be an issue with any bag for someone as clumsy as myself!