The DMM Flight bag is billed as a portable luggage solution that doubles up as a large sports climbing pack.


I've owned one for several years and have to say it has made an excellent bag for trips around the UK and abroad. At the time of its release, it was perfect for all airlines max carry on luggage allowance. I believe the bar was shifted around a year ago for a couple of airlines to tighten up on what you could carry on to a plane, so it would be worth checking when flying off to sunnier climes that you are still within the limits. The main thing not to do is overfill the lid section of the bag (the large compartment with the mesh lining) as it can bulge out quite dramatically.


The bag has a very comfortable padded back and shoulder straps with a chunky waist belt and chest strap to help distribute the weight, making it good for walking around an airport, city and crucially up to the crag. There are also grab handles for maneuvering it about on the top and side and compression straps to cinch it in when not full.


There is a compartment at the top of the bag which will fit a tablet, which feels reassuring as it is right behind your head and not on the outer edges of the bag.


This large pocket also doubles up as an excellent guide book compartment for when out at the crags. If you open up the main bag compartment, there is a further small zip pocket for a passport, wallet and keys.


The other nifty features are internal compression straps for separation of kit inside, a loop for quickdraw attachment, a removable tarp for moving around the crag from route to route, a pull out external helmet/jacket carrier and a stretchy external pocket for a nalgene or flask.


The bag is great at the crag as it's solid structure and wide opening allow you to lay out all of your kit and see what you need easily. I've stashed a 60m rope, several pairs of shoes, harness, quickdraws as well as a wash bag and enough clothing for a week as long as everything is worn inside out and back to front at least once!


I'm not a massive fan of the aesthetics of the bag, the colours are a bit 'fisher price - my first bag' but it functions well for what it is designed for. As I usually carry at least 5kg of food to the crag, the top external compression strap makes a very useful rope holder over the top of the pack, to free up crucial internal space for more calories and water!


I'd say it's hard to beat the Flight if you are after a sports crag pack primarily, that is also a neat luggage solution. If you prefer something a little more understated, then the Lowe Alpine AT Carry-On 45 is worth a look with it's cleaner looks (but it does lack a lot of the climbing related features of the Flight).