ClimbOn Creme is a greasy miracle cream for fixing bigger wounds and super sore skin.


I once had a reasonable case of rope burn on one armpit, not a pleasant place for scabby broken skin! By applying the creamier version of ClimbOn daily the wound maintained a soft flexible outer, speeding up a more comfortable recovery. On another occasion I managed to chop a shallow part of the skin on my thumb off whilst cutting kindling; ClimbOn and tape had it grow back in a fortnight. It was only skin but all the way into the real fleshy stuff under the white layer.


A top tip, keep surface wounds like this moist, clean and covered. The old saying to ‘let it breathe’ doesn’t work, it just allows a scab to form, slowing circulation and encouraging scar tissue. The cream can separate if you don’t use it for some time, so if this does happen I just squish the bottle around a bunch to mix it up.


- Bertie