Hello again, V12 fans,


I've just come back from a week away in Costa Blanca, lots of sun and awesome days out on trad and sport multi-pitch. Nice to be away from the endless rain!!


The one piece of kit we all used and loved was the Petzl Connect Adjust. This lanyard is awesome for rapid clipping and positioning into belays, bolts or lower offs. Just clip your carabiner into the system, pull the free end to tighten, or adjust the simple cam to extend, job done. This can be adjusted at anytime and they are really handy for rethreading bolted lower offs, and awkward abseils. I especially like to use mine with a DMM Ultra O Locksafe so there is no need to tighten up any gates. Even more rapid!


It comes in three variants: The Connect Adjust, the simplest, with just one lanyard (my favourite). Second is the Dual Connect Adjust which has a short tail for abseil devices, and lastly the Evolve Adjust, which has two long lanyards which I use for photography as it is awesome for positioning and clipping backups, etc.


When not in use or climbing, I simply extend and wrap the whole thing around my waist and clip into a gear loop. This keeps it out of the way, but still easy to reach when needed. Another way is to tuck it into your leg loop, it's really down to you but it isn’t an intrusive bit of kit to carry.


In the accompanying photo we see V12 Supermodel Duncan showing off his Connect Adjust on the second pitch of 'Parle'. If you are visiting Costa Blanca make sure you go out of your way to bag this climb, you'll need a 60 metre rope for the ab, and a love of exposure for the rest!!!