Hello there, V12 fans! As you may or may not be aware the wonderful folk at V12 Outdoor like to help out various talented people from time to time, but for some unknown reason they have asked me to join their gang!?


Basically, I’m just an average climber; E2 trad, 6b+ sport, mountaineering, and scrambling, with a growing interest in photography. I’m someone most people can relate to on a climbing level. I, too, look at James McHaffie and Emma Twyford and have no idea what they are hanging onto or why they aren’t swearing or looking scared!


I live in Llanberis so everything is on my doorstep. I get out as often as the weather and my laziness allow, but usually it is something pretty interesting, be it ticking classic routes or taking photos of the wads making impossible moves on the stupidest terrain they can find.


The weather, as we all know, has been a bit duff. Winter came and went whilst my kettle boiled, though there is a smattering of snow on the hills. That said nothing much kicked off this season so my first few ramblings will be about a few of my favourite climbs, and kit I can’t live without. Hopefully by the time they’ve trickled through the weather will have improved and I can bring you some hot off the press reviews and if you’re lucky; some gossip!!


T’ra for now,

John Bunney, Your Average Scaler.