“A string vest?!” scoffed the soon-to-be convert.


Well, yes, it is, but it works really well. The notion that you are going to look absolutely ridiculous in a Brynje Super Thermo Tee is entirely redundant as they do what they do so effectively and really never need to be worn on their own.. It’s a null point you’ll look stupid if you’re caught in it. Why are you not dressed properly? Stop. Try one!


The Super Thermo works by trapping a layer of air beneath your normally next-to-skin tee shirt or base layer allowing that to be regulated by your body. As with any method I’ve used to keep me from freezing to death I have gone the other way and overheated. It is much less likely to happen and so much more comfortable when it does using a Super Thermo though.


For really cold wintery rides or fast moving mountain days I would wear this every time over a conventional base-layer. The superior wicking keeps sweat away from your skin and so that choking close hot sweaty feeling just never happens. The synthetic models are durable and easy to wash and keep clean. Despite an open weave they don’t fray or snag- built to last.


I am sure you have your reservations but I will say that most people I’ve talked into buying one now own two. I’m about to buy my third (a wool one to work in until the boiler is fixed) so through the winter I always have one to chuck on.


- Will


Image: Bert & Alex admiring each others Brynje Super Thermos. You could look this good too!